BFF Milano Bike Polo Tournament

Truffa and Milano Bike Polo menage a BFF Indoor Bike Polo Tournament next sunday in Milan, the format is really nice, looking forward to be there!

Here  the teams:

The Teams:
Cous Cous Polo Team, Modena
Tigers, Venezia
Milano Bike Polo, Milano
PoliPolo, Pordenone
Reparto Pista, Torino
Hard Cocks, Treviso
Flying Wheels, Venezia
Polo Bears, Venezia
Rode, Padova
Rode Clube, Padova
I Dervisci, Fano/Roma
Rat Fix, Lucca
Unlucky Strike, Milano/Ginevra
Utah, Milano/Salt Lake City
Boneshaker, Mantova
Piacenza 1, Piacenza

Waiting List:
Piacenza 2


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