Back from Grenoble

Tigers are back from an amazing week end in Grenoble, the tournament was great, the polo guys was lovely like everytime, we did the 8th place and we have a lot of work to do for italian championship and euros, anyway we are proud to be a part of this polo family!

tnx to john for Host us!

here the final RANKING

1. Dans Ta Gueule / Pierre Hugo Will / Paris & Grenoble
2. Apolocalypse Later / Mario Lucas Dani / Genève & Bale
3. Poneys / Clément Quentin Johan / Genève
4. Hooks / Woods Maks Quentin / Rouen

5. Shaft Punk / Alex Félix Rem’s / Toulouse
6. Moteurs Fuckeurs / Sammy Michel Laurent / Genève
7. MGM / Marmou Greg Matt / Paris
8. Tigers / Cento Tobia Mattia / Venise

9. Triolisme / Eugène Pauline Simon / Rouen
9. BANG BANG! / Yann Rytch Henry / Grenoble
9. C. C. Clowns / Hannes Stephen Oli / Karlsruhe
9. Alcoolopolo / Djer Jojo Elena / Genève

13. Get Your Ass Kicked / Romain John Oliv / Grenoble
14. Satan Malletz / Gio Giv Matteo / Turin & Lausanne
15. Slightly Serious / Jason Flo Anton / Grenoble & Rouen
16. Polostroïka / Dada Sam Xavier / Grenoble

Monday at 11:19am ·  · 

2 responses to “Back from Grenoble

  1. Hi guys,
    Hope the trip back home was not too painful for you.
    It was nice meeting you all last week-end.
    See u soon

    Olive Grenoble

  2. super Olive! c’etè un bon voiage, a la prochaine fois !!!

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