Amazing but painfull Weekend in Milano

Tigers and Vicenza Bike Polo crew came back from Stick or Treat halloween tournament in Milano orgaized by Milano Bike Polo, We did 2’nd place after the sissround qualification, we did some great match and finally we won for the first time against Motheur Fuckers from Geneve.

Unfortunately during some drunk pick ups durig saturday night Mattia fucked up his knee and he did’nt play with us during tha sunday double elimination tournament, I took the handlerbar near my balls and was really painfull to play with this blood blister, aniway we took the 3rd place with “Tigricky” because Me and Tobia played with Ricky from vicenza.

I’m really sorry for Miky from Motheur Fuckers that I broken his nose during the last match angainst them.

nice tournament, nice people, nice teams,

hope to have Mattia back really soon!

HERE you can read the final ranking

tnx to Truffa, Milano Bike Polo

and all Polo community.



3 responses to “Amazing but painfull Weekend in Milano

  1. ma come avete fatto a rovinarvi così??

  2. Tutti belli come il sole!

  3. azz.. che roba Marco..

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