Roma Capoccia

Tigers are back from Rome with the 2nd place of Polosseum 2, after a really nice final against “Forcafuckers” a mix of Malaforca (Tommy and Sapo) and the famous Laurent “the Hannibal” from MotheurFuckers, we was loosing 4-3 and we shot a goal at 2 second to the end…. finally we loose at golden goal!

All match was really hard since the qualifications brackets, double elimination started with a classic match with Li Carbonari in the morning, Reparto Alfa and we was kicked in the looser bracket by Bike Pollo, than we find, Rockets, Disagio, and Bike Pollo… all hard match to go to the final..

Tnx a lot to Roma Bike Polo and all polo community, it was a really amazing tournament with a really high bike polo level!

the Square Court was really funny to play in.

all results here.

Love U all!

(some picture is coming.. I hope)


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