Paris limited edition

Tigers will be in Paris in a couple of days, we have a special merch for the ehbpc 2012

See U down the Senna River in a couple of days


Tri-Bale Tournament flikr set

Che out here a flikr set from Tri-Bale tournament


Some friends works on a new project called “Hoser”

You can buy a lot of T-shirts from a lot of your favourite teams HERE

and even the Tigers one!



Regolari Ingalluzziti

Yesterday I Played the Tri-Bale Tournament in Bergamo with Giogio from Rockets and Stephano from BAM as Regolari Ingalluzziti “Horny Regulars”

We did 3rd 🙂

Tnx to Rolosino Polo for the amazing Day

Tnx Lvca for the picture

Regolari Ingalluzziti


Yesterday some of our club went to “Monti Velodrome” in padova for “VELOMATIC” it was an amazing day to try our track bike in a real track, tnx a lot to Rode, Faggin Bikes and all the people there.

more pictures soon

p.s. I stoled those 2 pictures from “Nunzio Fracalanza” FB

This is “FOLLIA”

This is a classic match for us, sometime we won, sometimes we lost…

It’s not the final game, just one of the matches of IHBPC day 1.
MALFORCA Fano/Roma (Jack, Tommi, Sapo) VS TIGERS (northeast):Cento, Mattia and Tobia.
Courtesy of Teo Poggi RBP


Our friends from DODICI has moved their shop, TIgers are going there for the “Grand Opening” next 17th may from 17:00 to 22:00 see U there!