Tigers Scarf

20 euro+shipping

Write to:

Tigers T-Shirts

Tigers with Lobster support did this amazing t-shirts.. (I hope those are amazing even for you..)

available in size S-M-L-XL,  Black or White.

15 euro free shipping for italy & europe.

Write to:

Outside europe contact us.


4 responses to “Stuffs

  1. Hey guys, great web site; I like what your team is doing. I’m helping start the company from East Van called Northern Standard. If you haven’t seen it here is an update on what we are doing. Feel free to post it on your web site. See you guys in a week!

  2. Thanks Ken!!
    I now NS and i’m very curious to try that mallet head!!
    Just a few days..


  3. Guys do you maybe sell yellow t-shirts that are in your video?

    I love it!
    Big respect!

  4. ho bisogno di un vostro contatto

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