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We are back from Milano, really tired, but really happy!

After 2 really hard final against “unlucky strike” we won the BFF indoor tournament, tnx a lot to Truffa, Milano bike polo , Marco Mucig and Pipe gang and all Polo and Bke community for this amazing week end 🙂

The trophy picture is coming soon… eh eh eh

Final Ranking

1. Tigers
2. Unlucky Strike
3. i Dervisci
4. Reparto Pista
5. Polo Bears
5. Boneshaker
6. Polipolo
6. Flying Wheels
7. Hard Cocks
7. Rode Clube
7. Milano Bike Polo
7. Iutahly


BFF Milano Bike Polo Tournament

Truffa and Milano Bike Polo menage a BFF Indoor Bike Polo Tournament next sunday in Milan, the format is really nice, looking forward to be there!

Here  the teams:

The Teams:
Cous Cous Polo Team, Modena
Tigers, Venezia
Milano Bike Polo, Milano
PoliPolo, Pordenone
Reparto Pista, Torino
Hard Cocks, Treviso
Flying Wheels, Venezia
Polo Bears, Venezia
Rode, Padova
Rode Clube, Padova
I Dervisci, Fano/Roma
Rat Fix, Lucca
Unlucky Strike, Milano/Ginevra
Utah, Milano/Salt Lake City
Boneshaker, Mantova
Piacenza 1, Piacenza

Waiting List:
Piacenza 2