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Tigers BPC Snapback

New Tigers BPC snapback is available here!


EHBPC 2012 results

Tigers are ready for the wildcard in Geneve

1st place: Call me Daddy
2nd place: Edisons
3rd place: Hooks
4th place: L’equipe
5th place tie: Spring Break
7th place tie: Sophie
Moteurs Fuckers
9th place tie: Iron Ponies
Gettin Wild
Shaft Punk
13th place tie: Cosmic
Dead Rappers
Ma Couille
Candy Colored Clowns 

The 16 upper teams are qualified for the WHBPC in Geneva

17th place tie: Tigers
Though Shit
Simon Says
Nice touch
Goal Diggers
Dirty Sanchez
25th place tie: Mum Lovers
Monkey Punch
Les Vieux Fritz
Hell’s Prospects
Sexy Legs
Yeah Baby


Some friends works on a new project called “Hoser”

You can buy a lot of T-shirts from a lot of your favourite teams HERE

and even the Tigers one!


We got it!

No words for last week end in Chianciano!

Every words is not strong enough to say what the bike polo scene is, and the awesome atmosfere and organization we found in Chianciano.

The way to took the 1st place was really hard against a lot of strong teams like Prugne, Li Carbonari, Milano Alfa, Rode, Bam, Rockets, Malaforca

We did it after a final match with Malaforca, same of last year, but this timo less FOLLIA! 5-2 the final score.

We are really happy to have the first place of the IHBPC 2012!

proud to be a TIger!

Look mom I was 1st!

Tigers back from lovely week end in Milano, the Springbike tournament was really fun, 16 nice team nice court @ Leoncavallo like other times, and amazing arganization from Milano bikepolo, we are really proud to took the 1st place 🙂

Check out Milanofixed for some pictures, and here the Report from Team Piccante

tnx to all Italian polo community!

W Mario!

Mario is one of our polo idol! 🙂 (and L’Equipe is one of our favourite team ever)

p.s Happy Birthday!

Spring Bike

wow look what it’s happening in milano soon!

allinfo here!