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Tigers San Marco Single Speed CX Team

The Cx Season is almost finish, and we were really happy to participate at the Italian Single Speed  Cyclocross Series with a great group of people: Matteo Piccoli, Dario Borgato, Antonio Tabarin, Mike Piovan, Federico Gardin, Daniele Pellarin, Niccolo’ Mattos, Cento Canesio, Manuel Gatto, Mauro Tittotto.

Looking forward to the Bike Polo season starting!

tnx a lot to Selle San Marco Losbter and Tabarin Paint



Moeche Cross last race

Yesterday some of Tigers BPC went to S.Erasmo Island in Venice for the last race of the Italian Singlespeed Cyclocross race, Amazing day with all people from Singol Cross, Tnx a lot to Scavezzon brothers for the amazing day, fun boat cruise to the place, funny cross track ad nice lunch, tnx a lot to Spiedo from Biciclista for everythings, tnx to my Tigers crew.

I’m proud to be part of those things, see you next season!

check out some pictures here

Vigno Cross Done

1 week ago we did the 2nd race of the Italian Singlespeed CX series,

check out some nice pictures from Angelini Claudio,

tnx a lot to Stefano Spedini and all CX community, see you all on 6th January for 5th edition of Rockville

Coppa Cobram

Yesterday the Tigers CX team was near Verona for the 1st Single Speed Cyclocross Race.

The track and the organization was really nice, even tha hudgest lunch!

Tigers love mud!

Unfortunately Me (cento) and Dario has some problem with our bikes, looking forward for the final ranking for Rame and Taba places..

Tnx a lot to singlespeed italy

see you on 4th december in Piacenza for Vigno Cross