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This is “FOLLIA”

This is a classic match for us, sometime we won, sometimes we lost…

It’s not the final game, just one of the matches of IHBPC day 1.
MALFORCA Fano/Roma (Jack, Tommi, Sapo) VS TIGERS (northeast):Cento, Mattia and Tobia.
Courtesy of Teo Poggi RBP


We got it!

No words for last week end in Chianciano!

Every words is not strong enough to say what the bike polo scene is, and the awesome atmosfere and organization we found in Chianciano.

The way to took the 1st place was really hard against a lot of strong teams like Prugne, Li Carbonari, Milano Alfa, Rode, Bam, Rockets, Malaforca

We did it after a final match with Malaforca, same of last year, but this timo less FOLLIA! 5-2 the final score.

We are really happy to have the first place of the IHBPC 2012!

proud to be a TIger!