Tigers Bike Polo

Tigers HBPC is a bunch of Bike Polo players they are all  part of  the Riding in Circle Crew. We begun to play in early 2009. With the arriving of Mattia  last   Winter in the RC it was necessary to form a new stable  team and this was the birth of the Tigers Trio: Cento, Mattia and Tobia .

We play in:

Milano, June 2009. Milano Bike Polo Tournament

Padova, September 2009. Mazza d’Oro 1

Milano, October 2009. BFF Milano Bike Polo Tournament

Paris, October 2009. BFF Paris Bike Polo Tournament

Vicenza, Dicember 2009. Mazza d’Oro 2

Karlsruhe, Febraury 2010. Greif Masters 2010

Torino, Febraury 2010. Little Tournament of Love

Barcelona, March 2010. Sexy Polo Beer Amigo

Vicenza, May 2010. Mazza d’Oro 3

Amsterdam, May 2010. Polomania

Roma, May 2010. IHBPC 2010

Geneve, July 2010. EHBPC 2010

Berlin, August 2010. WHBPC 2010

Padova, September 2010. Asso di Mazze

Roma, October 2010. Mazza d’Oro 4

Milano, October 2010. BFF Milano Bike Polo Tournament 2010

Utrecht, October 2010. Polo Motion

Karlsrue, February 2011. Greif Masters 2011

Torino, February  2011. Tournament of Love 02 

Vicenza, April 2011. Mazza D’oro 5

Grenoble, April 2011. Alpine Bikepolo tournament

Padova, May 2011. 2° Campionato Italiano di Hardcourt Bike Polo

Barcelona, June 2011. EHBPC 2011

Pordenone,  July 2011. Circus Cup 

Munich, July 2011. Polocatepeti

London, July 2011. London Open 2011

Seattle, September 2011. WHBPC 2011

Vancouver, September 2011. Metal To The Pedal

Vancouver, September 2011. East Van Crown 2011

Torino, October 2011. Torino Open

Milano, October 2011. Stick or treat

Roma, December 2011. Polosseum 2


2 responses to “Tigers Bike Polo

  1. bella tigri non sapevo aveste un blog dedicato! comunque vi ho linkato immediatamente (scusate il ritardo) bravi ancora. Bio Parco!

  2. Buon giorno,

    Sorry this email is in english. I am a Canadian Polo player living in Cairo Egypt and I will be visiting Rome, Florence, and Venice In March of this year.

    I was wondering what times your club meets and if there would be a spot available so that I may join you. I would need to borrow a bike and mallet, I am 193 cm and about 108kg.

    I have started Egypts first league and started my career in Victoria British Columbia Canada.

    Hope this reaches you,

    3, 2, 1, Polo!


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