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Torino is our 2nd Hometown!

Every time we go to Turin it’s a pleasure, the bike scene there is good as gold, a lot of nice people all the time are down to ride bike and doing party!

even the guys from Zero bar are the perfect kind of people you wish to find in a place far from you home!

some Tigers are back from Lobster Winter Goldsprint with some amazing memories

looking forward to be back in turin soon!

tnx a lot to 10cento and Lobster for this great event,

tnx to Dodici, Callemarconi and San marco for support and prices

tnx to Gammy, Tsura and The Abassadors for the music

tnx Cisco for give us your home all the time

tnx to Reparto pista and Disagio to exist 🙂

Check out some cool picture from Angelo Lito HERE!


New Mattia’s Bike

Tabarin is setting up the new  Mattia’s Bike,

RC tiger Frame,

Demolition and Volume parts from Callemarconi

And the DODICI rims arrived by SDA this mornig (those in the picture are not the right ones)

Hope to be ready for Utrecht tournament

This bike will killing courts!

Dodici support Tigers

Long long time ago me  and Jave, Dodici cicli Owner, bombing the Vicenza’s yard, and at the same time my team mate  Cento did the same in Treviso. Now, 15 years later, our streets are crossing again: Dodici cicli support Tigers HBPC. Thanks you Jacopo and all at Dodici crew.